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User Movements Tracker Mobile researcher: Octavio Rivera Romero, Spain

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The proposal presented in this document is based in research project, TAIS-ASPACE, whose activities are being developed in University of Seville. This project takes place at the University of Seville in collaboration with ASPACE SEVILLA and it is focused in the development of assistive solutions that enables people with Cerebral Palsy (CP) to interact with a computer system. The project presented share common objectives with JoinIn, IS-ACTIVE, and GAME UP. Projects in which Norut is taking part. These a re European AAL-funded projects. Because this common objectives a collaboration between both institutions would be productive. There have been previous collaboration experiences between Norut and University of Seville. The main objective of this project is the development of assistive solutions that enables people with CP to interact with a computer system. Another objective of this work is to analyze the dependence of the movements of different body parts while the user is performing a particular task. User diversity is a hard challenge for researchers. People with CP suffer from motor diseases that result in alterations in movement control, muscle tone and posture. In addition, they often suffer from others associated diseases, which results in a gre at diversity of different characteristics. In order to accomplish these objectives the proposed work will be divided in three taks. In the first one, a knowlegde base, which gathers commercial products and research solutions, will be created. In second, a test game will be developed. Finally, a test planning in accordance with the standards, regulations and recommendations will be defined. As result of this work and related with the objectives planned for the Stay Abroad at least one publication will b e generated and presented in a international journal, such as Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMIA), BMC Medical Informatics & Decision Making (MIDM) or International Journal of Medical Informatics.