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Advanced jacket models for offshore wind turbines with superelements Mobile researcher: Jan Dubois, Germany

Tildelt: kr 0,16 mill.

The project studies the practical issues that arise when the superelement approach is used for offshore wind turbine support structures. Special care needs to be taken to calculate the wave loading correctly for joints that are represented by superelement s in dynamical simulations. The superelement approach describes the local behavior of the joints more accurately than typical beam models, but can introduce artificial stiffness if not used correctly. The optimal application will be determined in this pro ject. The approach will be implemented in existing simulation tools (both at NTNU and LUH) and evaluated with a reference jacket design. The results are expected to show that the superelement approach is superior to the current practice in numerical simul ation of wind turbines. Thereby, overconservatism in designs can be reduced, which will ultimately lead to more cost-efficient wind turbines.