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Antastic Mobile researcher: Alessio Malizia, Spain

Tildelt: kr 81 000

ANTASTIC - a bio-inspired approach to social search interactions aims to design, implement and test algorithms for the next Web searching paradigm going significantly beyond the state of the art. Our goal is to make substantial advances in the frontiers o f knowledge by designing algorithms based on our novel approach: a bio-inspired computing metaphor representing users searching for information over the Web as ants? colonies. Each day ants will leave the colony in search for food (information). They will exploit the surroundings in all directions, and if an ant finds anything of interest, it will return to the colony depositing pheromone, a chemical substance that ants are able to detect. Thus they create trails to signal the path between the colony (use rs) and the food (relevant information). We will model users as ants colonies following information- seeking trails left by others using dynamic pheromone generated graphs. To deal with the complexity and size of such graphs (it is currently a big challen ge considering the size of the Web) we aim at employing optimization algorithms for solving our bio- inspired problem. Designing and implementing the next PageRank algorithm (the renowned algorithm designed by Google), based on our bio-inspired metaphor m ight be the next big advance in Web searching area giving to Norway and Spain a tremendous advantage in terms of ground breaking research, applications and worldwide visibility of the results (such results might be presented in highest top ranked scientif ic journals by mixing Nature inspired metaphors, Algorithm Optimizations and Human Machine Interactions).