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Workshop: Girls' Economic Empowerment - The Best Contraceptive? A Randomized Controlled Trial in Tanzania

Tildelt: kr 51 105

We use a randomized control trial approach to implement the following treatments: An information campaign on health/reproduction/gender-equality: Our partner Femina HIP has vast experience in working on empowering young women on issues related to reprod uctive health and entrepreneurship, and will together with the research team design a tailored program for the targeted women. We will both provide practical information about preproductive health, such as information about reproductive health and rights and the consequences of risky sexual behavior. In addition, we will provide material related to a mindset change focusing on the importance of gender equality, rights and girls' empowerment. The information treatment will consist of both print material, a nd videos drawing on Femina HIP's 'Fema TV Talk Show'. Entrepreneurship training to improve economic possibilities and outcomes: The other treatment will aim at expanding young women's economic opportunities, by providing them with entrepreneurship train ing to improve their skills of how to establish and run their own business. Entrepreneurship training may change and improve women's entrepreneurial mindset and business practices, and particularly young women may be very responsive to such training, as m ost of them are not yet constrained by family obligations or husbands controlling their economic lives and decisions. In addition, we will offer some women both the information treatment and the entrepreeneurship training, in order to see if there are i mportant complementarities in how the treatment works; e.g. it may be the case that improved entrepreneurship knowledge is of limited importance if economic decisions are out of their hands and/or their reproductive health is poor.


NORGLOBAL-Norge - Global partner