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ENERGIX-Stort program energi

SET 5 - IEA: Operating Agent for IEA-HIA Task on Local hydrogen supply for vehicles

Tildelt: kr 0,20 mill.

The goal of the proposed project is to deliver the Operating Agent function for a new task established under the IEA Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (IEA-HIA), Local hydrogen supply for vehicles. Overall goal for the new task is to provide an unbiased evaluation of the merits of the various pathways for local hydrogen supply. This will be achieved by creating an exclusive network of world wide suppliers of reformers and electrolysers as well as end-users to contribute in development, evaluation and ha rmonization of on-site production technologies and optimal use of feedstock. This to reduce production costs, improve system performance and enable mass production. Norway currently hosts two of the leading demonstration projects in Europe (HyNor and H2m oves). It is in the interest of Norwegian stakeholders engaged in the development of a hydrogen society, both on the supplier and end-user side, that such an initiative is successful as interaction across technology segments (i.e reformer, electrolysis) i s essential to enable harmonisation of technology.


ENERGIX-Stort program energi