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Norwegian Marine Robotics Facility - Remotely Operated Vehicle for Deep Marine Research

Tildelt: kr 45,7 mill.

Remotely operated underwater vehicles are important platforms for todays comprehensive marine research. The technology is urgently needed for the Norwegian marine science community to effectively address the challenges of marine research. In addition, Norway is a world leader in the design and use of marine robotics and sensor technology in offshore industry but it lags behind other countries in using marine robotics in marine research and management. The University of Bergen is therefore coordinating an initiative to develop a Norwegian Marine Robotics facility (NORMAR) that initially will be built around a deep-water, remotely operated (ROV). The vision of the NORMAR facility is to: 1) transfer the industrial technology advantage to the Norwegian marine science community and advance this community to the forefront in technology-intensive marine research. The facility will: 1) be of strategic importance for a range of long and short-term goals nationally and internationally in marine science and marine resource management; 2) facilitate and coordinate the development and use of deep-sea marine robotics for research; 3) enable Norway to strengthen its position globally in marine research; and 4) through synergy effects lead to innovation with Norway's marine technology industry to address a broader range of research questions.


FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt