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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

Norwegian Biorefinery Laboratory

Tildelt: kr 36,2 mill.

The vision of the Norwegian Biorefinery Laboratory (NorBioLab) is that NorBioLab shall be the fundament for developing novel, advanced biorefinery processes at top international level, tailor-made for Norwegian conditions. The NorBioLab will gather centr al Norwegian stakeholders in the biorefinery/bioenergy area by establishing a national state-of-the-art infrastructure for biorefining. The infrastructure will unite existing and new research infrastructure and national competence, allowing for internatio nally leading research on new, innovative bio-refinery processes. The total infrastructure will allow for simulating and testing most conceivable conversion routes, and will be accessible to national and international research partners and industries. Es tablishing a versatile national infrastructure for conversion of biomass will open for Norwegian biorefinery research at international level. Within the field of biorefinery the research is strongly coordinated in Norway along the axis from Trondheim to Å s. Scientists are currently working closely together in research projects focusing on bioenergy, advanced biofuels and value-added products from a wide variety of biomass materials. Establishing a flexible infrastructure for conversion of biomass will str engthen this cooperative research both in a national and international perspective. By performing research on pilot scale biorefinery processes and developing new cost-efficient processes, we can strengthen the position of the Norwegian industry in an int ernational market. The proposed research infrastructure will be unique, and will allow the research community to conduct research on a high international level, publish in important international journals and make the research consortium preferred partner s in international research projects.

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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt