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Semester abroad at the University of Oslo

Tildelt: kr 45 400

Dear Sir or Madam, the goal of the E.ON Ruhrgas foundation is the promotion of academic exchange between Germany and Norway. For me as a young German citizen studying at the University of Oslo it would be a great pleasure to become a representative of th e foundation and play an active role in that academic exchange. After finishing my studies at the University of Oslo and the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster I aim at a professional career in information, communication and technology law (ICT l aw). Especially the dynamic and the constantly arising new challenges are making that branch of law particularly attractive for me. Studying at the University of Oslo will help me gain international experience, develop personally and get to know another European legal system. Living in Norway and feeling to be part of the society for me implicates understanding the native language and being able to talk to the Norwegian citizens in their language. For that reason I have already started to learn the Nor wegian language and am highly looking forward to taking further language courses next semester. The impression that I have yet gained about the country has already made me consider Norway as a possible place for working and living in the future wherefore being proficient in Norwegian is of great relevance. The E.ON Ruhrgas personal mobility grant would give me, on the one hand the possibility, to focus on my career, expand my horizon and reach my set goals. I can, on the other hand, also contribute to st rengthening the ties between Germany and Norway and thereby carry out the guiding principle of the E.ON Ruhrgas foundation. Yours faithfully, Kyra Otte