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PES-EU-Prosjektetablererstøtte EU (bedrift)

Optoelectronics based sealing and inspection technology to reduce food waste, energy consumption and downtime in packaging industry

Tildelt: kr 45 000

In the food sector, pre-packed or convenience meals represent a market of ?15 billion per annum. Typical wastage rates in production for these lines account overall for 5% of the cost of the package materials and product, resulting in a large total value of wasted material per year. In addition, costs for investigating suspect seals on longer shelf life products coupled with costs of withdrawing suspect product when an entire production run is at risk can be extremely high, these costs being ultimately bo rne by the customer. The new, more controllable, high-speed sealing procedures will enable multi-layer biodegradable films with better barrier properties to be used. No change of Fix-Turing will be required between different products, so different package designs could be run on one line with customisation across consumer groups, including control over the opening peel forces. Less material will be used through better nesting on the line. Down-time between product streams is much reduced. Energy wasted ke eping existing heat sealing platens warm will be eliminated. This will significantly reduce costs, increase flexibility and meet retailer demands for rapid turnaround and short product cycles, using fewer production lines. Small customised batches will be come possible in food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Optical on-line process monitoring will ensure a high quality seal, and therefore less wastage of product and less chance of microbial contamination that more adversely affect the young and aged. A novel tamper evident security signature will be embedded in the package helping to avoid imitation and unscrupulous contamination and allow the package to be tracked throughout its life.


PES-EU-Prosjektetablererstøtte EU (bedrift)