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Influence of ground topography and wind on snow distribution and stability in High Arctic Svalbard

Tildelt: kr 8 459

This project investigates the relationship between ground topography and snowpack distribution / stability as the snowpack develops throughout the Longyearbyen region. This area provides an ideal site for this project for multiple reasons including the mo untainous wind swept landscape, unique snow climate, influence of slope processes on inhabitants / infrastructure and importance for better understanding physical processes. This project also compliments and has developed from recent research in the regio n focusing on snow avalanches, the Svalbard Cryoslope project (2006-2009). This coming field season is also a follow-up to baseline masters research that was conducted last year that proved to be successful, cost-effective and scientifically valuable. Fie ldwork this season will continue to develop upon previous studies by focus on the temporal evolution of the snowpack stratigraphy and stability on a local scale as well as the regional distribution of snow in the area.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum