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Hydrogen adsorption over iron and titanium based catalyst doped with Pt, Pd, Rt. - Valeria Verdinelli - Argentina

Tildelt: kr 0,18 mill.

This project addresses the main problem of fuel cell electrodes from a theoretical approach. Studies over electrodes for fuel cell are mainly costly experiments and time dependent, therefore, having a theoretical tool that could predict these behaviors wi ll reduce time and cost. In this work we will study the interaction of hydrogen as molecules over different metals surfaces and alloys, based on iron, titanium or a FeTi alloy. In order to improve the properties of the materials, different dopants will be employed, such as Platinum, Palladium, ruthenium, etc. The aim of adding a dopant is to improve the properties but reduce the cost due to the high price of the dopants. Different amounts of dopants will be tested and analyzed over the different surfaces. This work will allow a better understanding and an increase in the knowledge of how hydrogen interacts and is adsorbed, desorbed and its mobility through a metallic cluster used in fuel cells. The results will consist on different adsorptions properties , characteristics of the studied material as well as possible efficiency on fuel cell. The applications of these results will consist in a most effective, long term, sustainable and economically competitive fuel cell. Due to the call, the second main obje ctive of this work is to strength and increases the international cooperation with the hydrogen area that UMB has with externals partners, in this case with the Universidad Nacional del Sur in Argentina. This cooperation will encourage new collaborations as well as students exchange visits in all levels.