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Intra-European Union (Im)Mobility of Migrants from Nigeria - Jill Ahrens - UK

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2013 - 2014


The aim of my research is to explore the different motivations and experiences of intra-EU mobility of migrants from Nigeria currently residing in Germany, England and Spain. The data collection, transcription and analysis will already be completed before my arrival in Norway. During the mobility stay at the University of Oslo I will therefore focus on completing a first draft of my doctoral thesis. Regular meetings with my mentor Dr Sarvendra Tharmalingam and continued contact with my supervisors at Suss ex will serve to update them on my progress and receive feedback on individual chapters. Further dissemination activities for my doctoral research include the presenting of an academic article at the IMISCOE conference in Malmö. The paper will also be p resented at least at one seminar at the University of Oslo. This paper will then be re-worked into an article for possible publication in the journal 'Population, Space and Place'. My host and home institutions share a research interest in migration stud ies and therefore the mobility stay will provide a welcome opportunity for theoretical discussions. Given that the ongoing research of my mentor and my own research both focus on the links between integration and transnational practices, we will be able t o give each other useful inputs. My active participation in meetings and research seminars will facilitate the contact and exchange with other faculty members and students. I will also have practical input into the teaching at the University of Oslo. By collaborating on the teaching of Dr Sarvendra Tharmalingam's new undergraduate course 'Migration, Transnationalism and Development' we both can improve our teaching methods and content. In sum these planned research activities will promote knowledge excha nge and enhance the links between both institutions.