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Applying Ricoeurian concepts of recognition in classroom interaction research - Rada Jancic -Serbia

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Abstract: Motivation for this project originated in the understanding that in order for children to develop as dignified human beings, schools should be places of capability development. Both institutions, Faculty of Education in Bielefeld (Germany) and D epartment of Education at NTNU, although having different approach share research interests on possibilities to develop pupils? capabilities in the educational institutions. Finding many points of connection, we would like to propose a research project th at will bring these perspectives together. The aim of the proposed project is to explore how recognition-identification, recognition of oneself and mutual recognition manifest within the classroom interaction and to bring them in connection to pupils' ca pabilities. Furthermore, the aim is to explore in what extent recognition can serve as conversion factor of the capabilities as well as how it can be a capability in itself. This will shed some light on pedagogical strategies that teachers could use in de veloping or hindering pupils' capabilities. In order to reach these goals, the planned activities are: establishing theoretical framework that is based on Paul Ricoeur's concept of recognition, analysis of the data which have been collected for the purpo ses of doctoral research project and which are comprised of interviews (N=28) and videos (N=23). Finally, dissemination of the results is planned in the form of conference presentations and an article that will be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal.