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An Empirical Analysis of the Interaction of Institutions and Human Behaviour - Lars Berger - Germany

Tildelt: kr 84 000

The period of my stay will be structured in three phases. The overall objective is to elaborate a joint publication by the Noragric and the RESS. For this purpose, I will make available to my colleagues the data set which I collected in the last two years in the P.R.C. Following the title of the project "An Empirical Analysis of the Interaction of Institutions and Human Behaviour", this set shall be the foundation for further development in theory in applied institutional economics. With my own working space on site, I have the chance to participate in numerous discussions and presentations and at the same time the necessary facilities to dedicate my work to the progress of the publication. In the first phase, I will present my work to young researchers and students in the form of two lectures and a seminar. In the second phase, I will specifically seek the discussion with senior researchers of the department. The third and concluding phase will be dedicated to the textualisation of the findings of the preceding discourses.