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How Do Sleep Disorders Affect The Ageing Brain? - Claire Sexton - UK

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2013 - 2013


Our group at the Dept of Psychology, UiO, has a strong interest and track record in the study of neurocognitive changes associated with aging. We are running a large longitudinal study - - Cognition and Plasticity through the Life-Span - including neurops ychological testing and brain MRI. This study yields a unique possibility to test effects of moderating factors on brain and cognitive changes in aging. One such factor is sleep disorder. The present proposal is for a stay in the Oslo lab for Claire Sexto n, post doc in Johansen-Berg's lab at fMRIB, to work on a collaborative project about effects of sleep disturbances on brain and cognition in aging. The fMRIB Center at Oxford is a world-leading neuroimaging lab, producing some of the most used analyses t ools worldwide (FSL). Sexton currently works with multi-modal MRI data in ageing populations, and has a very strong interest and expertise in research on factors that modulates changes in brain and cognition. A stay for her in Oslo will yield a unique pos sibility to address a very important scientific question: How does sleep disturbance affect longitudinal changes in brain and cognition at different ages? 215 healthy participants have been tested and scanned twice at about 4.5 years interval, and their s leeping habits and problems have been measured with two well-validated instruments. Sexton's stay will be used to analyse the data as a joint effort with the Oxford lab. This will contribute to a close collaboration between the Oslo lab and the world-lead ing center in Oxford. The proximate objective is to perform an important study brain aging. The ultimate objective is to secure a strong, lasting bilateral collaboration between Oslo and Oxford, with the aim of several joint projects and EU applications f or the next framework Horizons. The Oslo and the Oxford groups have several joint interests, making such a collaboration very valuable for both labs. The proposed project would be a perfect starting point.