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Fish intake and vitamin D status: data from randomized clincial trials and meta-analysis of RCTs - Ulrike Lehmann - Germany

Tildelt: kr 57 370




2013 - 2014


Fish is a rich source of nutrients (protein, selenium, n3-long chain fatty acids, vitamin D) in the diet. With the exception of fortified food, it is the main source of vitamin D in the diet. Although there is a lot of epidemiological data on the associat ion of high or low fish intake on vitamin D status, however, the evidence from controlled dietary intake studies is very limited. We will investigate the effect of different types of fish on the vitamin D status as measured by 25OHD levels and parathyroi d hormone (PTH) in serum, using biobanked samples from controlled dietary intervention studies with fish. A number of these studies have been conducted at the University of Bergen and at the University Halle-Wittenberg. In addition to vitamin D status, we will also analyse the effect of fish consumption on lipid metabolism and biomarkers of inflammation. In addition, we will conduct a meta-analysis on controlled dietary intervention studies with fish and 25OHD levels as primary outcome variables, includi ng randomised controlled studies that have been conducted at other sides. Other outcome variables of interest are again biomarkers of lipid metabolism and inflammation. The results can be used for modeling the effect of dietary intake of vitamin D rich f ood on the vitamin D status, and will contribute to substantiate the intake recommendations for vitamin D. The project will also contribute to the internationalisation of both partner universities (Bergen and Halle-Wittenberg). It will furhter strengthen nutritional research at both sides, as advanced statistical methods will be introduced.