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Erasmus programme - Freie Universität Berlin

Tildelt: kr 35 000

ERASMUS PROGRAMME This semester I am attending the Erasmus exchange program, and I am going to study at the Freie Universität Berlin. The subject of law is not only a national phenomenon, but it also has a vast variety of international and global aspec ts. Globalization does not only produce internationally active companies that operate across borders, but requires an open mind for other countries and cultures. According to this, I think it is important to get new perspectives and inspirations from othe r cultures and countries. Besides, Germany is one of Norways most important associates in trading. For this reason, an exchange in Berlin would be very useful and informative in proportion to a later carrier with international business law and associates During my stay in Germany, I will get a great vision of German and European law, legal culture and business mentality. This will be a great opportunity for my further carrier, since I am planning to work with international, including German, law and busi ness associates.