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FRINATEK-Fri prosj.st. mat.,naturv.,tek

Particle transport and clustering in stratified turbulent flows

Alternativ tittel: Partikkel-transport og opphopning i turbulente strømninger med temperaturgradienter

Tildelt: kr 7,0 mill.





2014 - 2018


On the English presentation has been updated.

The project aims at resolving issues related to small particles in a turbulent fluid with temperature stratification. This includes, in particular, the effects of turbulent thermal diffusion, small-scale particle tangling clustering and turbulent thermop horesis. These effects are important for a surprisingly diverse set of applications such as formation of clouds, agglomeration of water droplets leading to rain, fouling on super heaters in industrial boilers, and the formation of planets from protoplane tary clouds. The findings of this project will therefore be significant for the understanding of planet formation, the design of power plants utilizing difficult fuels such as biomass and municipal solid waste, and cloud and rain formation. We use the P encil Code both in the fully compressible and the newly developed anelastic configurations, allowing us to access the low Mach number regime.

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FRINATEK-Fri prosj.st. mat.,naturv.,tek