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The SocBiN Bioinformatics 2014 conference

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2014 - 2014

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The national ELIXIR.no infrastructure is organising the international Bioinformatics 2014 conference in Oslo in June next year. This is a well-known annual conference of very high quality. This application is for funding of 50% of the total cost of invite d speakers to the conference. The Bioinformatics meeting series was initiated in Lund in Sweden in 1999, and has been organized almost every year since then. It is coordinated by SocBiN. This was originally the Society for Bioinformatics in Nordic Countr ies, but it has recently been expanded to cover Northern Europe, in particular for the inclusion of Poland and the Baltic countries. Norway was responsible for the meeting in 2002, when it was organised in Bergen. The most recent meetings have taken place in Finland (Helsinki, 2011), Sweden (Stockholm, 2012) and Poland (Torun, 2013). The proposal by ELIXIR.no to organise the 2014 meeting in Norway has been approved by the SocBiN board. The meeting will be organised in Oslo, with bioinformaticians from th e Oslo area as local organizers, and with members of the ELIXIR.no network and the SocBiN board as program committee. The meeting will take place in week 24, June 11-13, in Ole-Johan Dahls House at UiO Department of Informatics.