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SMARTRANS-Næringslivets transp. og ITS

Scientific conference VeRoLog 2014 - Third Conference of the EURO Working Group on Vehicle Routing and Logistics Optimization

Tildelt: kr 50 000

VeRoLog www.verolog.eu is the Working Group on Vehicle Routing and Logistics Optimization within EURO, the Association of the European Operational Research Societies. VeRoLog was established in 2011. Vehicle Routing optimization is at the core of logistic s and supply chain management as well as management of public transportation. It is a very active research area in Operations Research that sees an intense contribution from a large number of researchers working in universities, research centres, and comp anies. The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is also scientifically very interesting. VeRoLog has more than 600 members around the world, including scientists, users in industry and the public sector, and students. A main activity of VeRoLog is an annual, sc ientific, international conference that rotates between the EURO member societies. It is the only major conference where the VRP and its variants is the sole scientific topic. Professor Christiansen, NTNU and Chief Research Scientist Hasle, SINTEF, are tw o of eight members of the VeRoLog board. The countries represented in the board are expected to take responsibility for the first conferences in the series. The first VeRoLog conference took place in Bologna, Italy June 18-20 2012 with 170 registered par ticipants, 3 invited keynote speakers, and 1 tutorial. VeRoLog 2013 took place in Southampton, UK July 7-10 with some 110 talks, two plenary speakers, and a panel discussion. Oslo was announced as the venue for VeRoLog 2014. The two first conferences wer e successful and proved to be excellent forums for scientists, users, PhD-students, and industry. The conference fee was at a low level, particularly for PhD-students. To continue the tradition of high scientific quality and an acceptable conference fee f or VeRoLog 2014, we need considerable financial support. We apply for 50 kNOK to partly cover facility costs. The organizers will provide substantial in-kind financing. We will also invite private sponsors.


SMARTRANS-Næringslivets transp. og ITS