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Organizing for internal security and crisis management: - A comparative study of central agencies in Norway, Sweden and Germany.

Tildelt: kr 85 000

My upcoming project is concerning internal security and crisis management, and it is a comparative project on Norway, Sweden and Germany. My starting point is that internal security and crisis management are so called wicked issues that cannot be solved within the traditional sector boundaries of public administration.These issues are: «multi-sectoral», «Multi-level», «Multi-temporal», and "multi-actor"(Heada 2008,Jann 2012) Another important starting point is the book written by Fimreite, Lango, Lægr eid and Rykkja from 2011. (Organisering, Samfunnssikkerhet og Krisehåndtering). That takes a look on internal security and crisis management in the different levels of Norwegian public administration. So to build on their work I want to look on some of the issues related to this topic in three different European Countries; Norway, Sweden and Germany. And with this using both «most similar» and "most different" design in a mixed system strategy (Frendreis 1983)