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Exchange program in Hamburg, spring 2014

Tildelt: kr 35 000




2014 - 2014

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As a student at the University of Oslo, I'm planning a study period as an Erasmus exchange student in Hamburg, Germany. The stay will take place in the spring/summer of 2014 and last for one semester (five months). In addition, I will attend a four week language course in advance of the semester. As further described in the project description my main interests on the legal area are European and international law. I am also interested in environmental law. With Germany as a key player in the EU, I espec ially see the stay as an excellent way of studying European law and EU law in depth. The subjects for the summer semester of 2014 have not yet been published, but I intend to attend subjects on the abovementioned topics. This is further outlined in the p roject description.




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