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Publication grant for the monograph 'Violent Becomings. State Formation, Culture and Power in Mozambique'

Tildelt: kr 40 000

The project is concerned with the publication of a monograph the manuscript of which was originally a PhD thesis presented in 2010. Heavily revised, the monograph explores the contentious and often violence dynamics between processes of state ordering and domains that remain external to the state in Mozambique. In this way the monograph maps new terrain theoretically and empirically within research not only on Mozambique but also on colonial and postcolonial Africa. Given publication support the monograp h will be made available at the cost of around USD 90 and, thus, will in terms of price be made more accessible for prospective individual buyers as well as libraries than without the publication support. Put differently, fulfilling the aim of the applica tion would mean the research results presented in the monograph under contract would be disseminated considerably more effectively than if such support would not be forthcoming.



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