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Nettverksstøtte: Next generation's food production for a healthy life

Tildelt: kr 0,21 mill.

The network is largely representing a new alliance consisting of partners from the newly established Faculty of Bio- and Veterinarian Sciences (FBVS)at The Norwegian University of Life Science at Ås and the Faculty of Medicine at the The Norwegian Univers ity of Science and Technology, Trondheim. In addition, there are partners from other institutions making this network very multidisciplinary and well prepared to make a difference in the area: food and health. The network will handle the more and more fr equent need of being able to produce food that will support good health within sensitive consumers groups like young children and the ageing population. The intention of the network is to become a lasting network through project funded by winning Europea n grants. Our network and its members from food production to medicine will make a strong effort to reach stakeholders (food industry, food policy makers and so further) to provide updated information about this important research area. During the netwo rks first 2 years, the network will work to communicate with Norwegian stakeholders and grant application to secure sustainability.