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Life Watch - follow up from preparatory to construction phase

Tildelt: kr 0,25 mill.

The main goal of LifeWatch is to outline the possibilities for an enhanced cooperation between different countries within eScience and biodiversity. LifeWatch is one of several ESFRI projects which aim to establish e-infrastructures and databases in the f ield of biodiversity and ecosystem research. NINA participated in the LW preparatory project (2008 -2011),funded by EU FP 7. In addition, NINA has coordinated both a national RCN funded LW project (2011-2013) and a Nordic NordForsk funded LW project (201 2-2014). An application to arrange a Nordic LW Conference and workshop with participants also from EU LW was submitted to NordForsk in february 2014. The present project will continue Norwegian participation in European and Nordic LW collaboration after t he preparatory phase. During continuation of the international network and dialogue with the ESFRI LW consortia in Europe, (mainly Spain, Italy and the Netherlands), we will be able to share and exchange experiences from the different stages of these ESFR I projects. Nordic LW cooperation represent an important Nordic platform in relation to the EU LW. There are also some other FP 7 networks and consortia (Biovel, Creative-B, ENVRI, EUBON og GBIO (Global Biodiversity Informatic Outlook) working with sharin g of data and development of e-infrastructures which might be useful to stay in close cooperation with. The present initiative, if funded, will also include planning of a Norwegian LW consortium, and to explore potential for national and international fun ding of future Norwegian LW construction.


FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt