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FRINATEK-Fri prosj.st. mat.,naturv.,tek

12th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management 2015

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UiA will host the 12th annual International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response (ISCRAM) in May 2015. The conference attracts approximately 250 scholars, practitioners and policy-makers within crisis and emergency management systems. Par ticipants arrive from all over the world, with a majority from Europe and North-America. The 2015 conference theme will be: Getting ready for the unexpected! Increasingly powerful information and communication systems grant us access to more resources to plan for or respond to emergencies than ever before. In today's digitalised societies, large amounts of data from heterogeneous sources are available. Yet, the questions how to collect, process and share data and how to transform it quickly into understan dable, reliable and useful information and how to update this information as the situation unfolds still remain to be answered. This conference as an opportunity to root the important field of crisis and risk management in Norway, and build a national c ommunity of researchers and practitioners that work together on the overall goal of improving disaster response and preparedness. This conference is a forum that brings together top researchers in the domains of Modelling and Analytics, Operations Resear ch, Geographical Information Systems, Decision Theory, ICT and technology development, Big Data, Data Mining and others. We aim at bringing excellent researchers together to advance the state of the art in the domain by creating a vibrant community around the newly established Centre for Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM). Results of this project include (1) hosting a conference with 250 active participants; (2) publishing conference proceedings and organizing at least 3 special issues; (3) submit at least two project proposals in H2020 or SAMRISK that arise from the discussions at the conference; (4) report on the state-of-the art and outline directions for future research


FRINATEK-Fri prosj.st. mat.,naturv.,tek