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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

CargoMaster - Development and test of a three-wheeled electric scooter for intelligent, silent and environment-friendly urban goods delivery

Tildelt: kr 24 999

The overall objective of the PostMaster project is to develop and test an innovative and durable electric three-wheeled scooter that will provide an effective solution for green urban transport in EU. The project is responding to a growing demand from cit ies across EU to replace heavy-duty vehicles with green alternatives, to significantly improve quality of life for EU citizens. The aim is to develop an industrially-focused three-wheeled electric vehicle that is able to carry sufficient cargo for long di stances whilst at the same time being both user- and eco-friendly, robust and fully functional in all weather conditions. The CargoMaster project will significantly move beyond current SOA and overcome current technology and market barriers. Novel innova tive features of the CargoMaster include its ability to run 80 km/charge with a full load capacity of 240kg and 800 stop&go steps. Load capacity will be a ½EUR-pallet (as requested by professional logistics companies) whilst at the same side being ergonom ic, user friendly and saving the environment up to 915 kg/year of CO2 per vehicle compared to the inadequate scooters currently used for e.g. postal parcels etc. In addition, the vehicle includes innovations within the field of wireless diagnostics, remot e monitoring, fleet management as well as optimal routing algorithms. For the project to be realised, a number of scientific and technical barriers will have to be overcome: - BMS (battery management system) - Wireless vehicle diagnostics - Route plannin g and optimization - A combined/integrated system The average yearly sales of electric scooters for professional freight and delivery services is 28,000 within the European Union. Searis expects that the CargoMaster product can achieve a market share of 25% within the urban freight and distribution industry. This process will be part of a long-term strategy and will mean yearly sales of 7,000 CargoMasters thus opening up a significant revenue stream.


PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020