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JPND-EU Joint Programme - Neurodege

Multi-centre cohort-studies in Lewy-body dementia: Challenges in harmonizing different clinical and biomarker protocols

Tildelt: kr 0,42 mill.




2014 - 2016


The work-plan includes convening an expert workgroup, and organising a workshop, which will identify available DLB cohorts and how these can be involved in the current work. The workgroup will discuss strategies for how to address the aims listed above, a nd identify sub-groups addressing the specific objectives as outlined below. The reports from subgroups will be distributed to the full membership in a final workshop and a consensus statement will be delivered by the end of the 6-month project period. In addition to submitting the guidelines and recommendations to the JPND, these will also be reported in a review paper, to be submitted for publication in a relevant peer-reviewed scientific journal. Another key output will be to contribute to the planning process of the 5th International DLB Consortium meeting, together with US colleagues.


JPND-EU Joint Programme - Neurodege