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IS-AUR-Samarb.progr. Norge Frankrike

Matching of Knowledge : Distribution and Large Scale

Tildelt: kr 49 234

The tasks we plan to handle during the MODALS project are defined as follows: The task "Scalability of matching processes" aims to study and to propose an original solution to execute the entity/ontology matching processes in a distributed and a collabora tive. Two sub-tasks will be defined: A first one handling the scalability of the entity matching (for the French team), and a second one handling the scalability of the ontology matching (for the Norwegian team). Thus, after studying the most recent works around the Map Reduce paradigm and the different implementation existing and adaptable for entity and ontology matching. A first exchange will allow us to share and set up ideas to facilitate the dispatching of the work between the teams. Next, a prototy pe will be developed and tested. A second exchange will allow us to lead together the experimentations. The task "Quality of matching processes" aims to study the improvements that can be done for the ontology matching process through the entity matching process. A relevant coordination between the two processes can be used to detect potential anomaly or to take decision during the building of ontology mappings phase. A third exchange will allow us to define the interaction between our matching solutions (at Entity level and at Ontology level). Thus, the prototype will be updated and tested. The task "Streams management" aims to study the way to efficiently handle data sources emitting data streams. This study would underline the limits/locks of the appro aches for this context. The objective of this task is to define some research perspectives of our works. The task "Dissemination" aims to conjointly write articles on the works we would done. Perspectives in terms of research and funding will be discussed .


IS-AUR-Samarb.progr. Norge Frankrike