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IS-AUR-Samarb.progr. Norge Frankrike

Plasmonic metamaterials

Tildelt: kr 49 912

This project aim at developing a collaboration between CRPP (MaFIC team,Bordeaux) and the NTNU (Applied Optics,Trondheim), that will allow for improved synthesis and characterization of optical properties of plasmonic metamaterials. On the one hand, chem ical synthesis of plasmonic particles (single particles, and various core shell particles) in addition to metaparticles consisting of a cluster of plasmonic particles is a core activity of CRPP. Indeed, nanoplasmonic particle-clusters with a ?raspberry?- distribution have shown to have the interesting magnetic dipole moment in addition to the electric dipole moment. The latter opens the route to artificial plasmonic metamaterials, with a range interesting properties. The cluster can be regarded as a unit cell of the artificial material, while the next challenge is to organize such particles in a lattice. Furthermore, the particles should be organized both in 2D (metasurface) and 3D (bulk metamaterial). It is proposed that the NTNU-group contributes throu gh Field Ion Beam (FIB) milling in order to produce lattice sites for the particles. NTNU will further contribute in characterizing the optical properties of these plasmonic metamaterials using Spectroscopic Mueller matrix Ellipsometry and through the dev elopment of appropriate electromagnetic modelling strategies. It is also proposed that NTNU develop methods for producing lattice sites on so-called Transmission Electron Microscopy ?grids. Local projects will be used for


IS-AUR-Samarb.progr. Norge Frankrike