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ENERGIX-Stort program energi

SET 8: Establishment of and participation in the IEA EBC Annex 67 "Energy Flexible Buildings"

Alternativ tittel: Etablering og deltagelse i IEA EBC Annex 67 "Energy Flexible Buildings"

Tildelt: kr 0,15 mill.

reference to the Annex 67 and its content is made here: Sartori, I. and Andresen, I. (2015) Klimaeffekten av bygninger / Effect of buildings on climate, Chapter in book: Miljøkonsekvenser av store investeringstiltak / Environmental consequences of large investment measures, Hagen, K. P. and Volden, G. H., to be published in 2016 in the series ISSN-nummer 0803-9763. (in Norwegian)

The International Energy Agency (IEA) Implementing Agreement on Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC) is launching a new Annex 67 on "Energy Flexible Buildings"; hereafter called Annex 67 or simply the Annex. The first version of the Annex description has already been approved by the EBC ExCo in June 2014, and that is why the Annex is already given a number. The Annex will be operative for 3 years starting on June 2015, and it is now in the one year preparation phase. The operating Agent will be Denmark; 8 countries already engaged in it and further 7 are likely to join, depending on funding availability, including Norway. A short summary of the Annex 67 Description of Work is given in Appendix. The need for establishing this new Annex 67 arises from the fact that the there is currently no overview or insight into how much Energy Flexibility different building types and their usage may be able to offer to the future energy systems.


ENERGIX-Stort program energi