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European Youth Heart Study Scientific Symposium 2015

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2014 - 2015

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The major non-communicable diseases that threatens global health are cardiovascular disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes, which are convincingly related to physical inactivity. Thus, it is important to generate new knowledge about how health behavior, such as physical activity, affect public health. The European Youth Heart Study (EYHS) is an on-going multi-centre, prospective, observational cohort study currently including research groups in Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Portugal, Spain, England and Iceland. EYHS addresses the issue of CVD risk factors in children and the primary objective of the EYHS is to study the nature, strength, and interactions between personal, environmental, and lifestyle influences on CVD risk factors in a large population of children of differing age, sex, culture, and ethnicity. As part of the dissemination plan the EYHS research group have biannually organized a scientific symposium. These are meetings hosted by the research groups involved in EYHS and attracts researchers, practitioners and policy makers interested in physical activity and health in young people. The symposium serves as a great meeting place for knowledge translation, networking, presentation of new research and gives the opportunity to both discuss future direction within the study and potential new research projects. The 8th EYHS scientific symposium will be hosted by the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences at the Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania 11 - 13th March 2015. Hosting an international conference in Norway is expensive. Thus, we are applying for partly funding in order to keep the registration fee as low as possible. This is essential to be able to attract the desired target groups (e.g international students, PhD candidates, researchers and practitioners).