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Does language matter?

Tildelt: kr 0,69 mill.

Does Language Matter? This is a film project which aims to discuss the importance of language use in the climate change debate and communicate results of interdisciplinary research on this matter through a 30 min documentary. We also aim to present how different disciplines (linguistics, climate, political and computer sciences, psychology) contribute to show how language matters in shaping attitudes to and opinions about climate change. The film presents examples of diverse voices/interests participating in the debate and explores different perspectives on the future. Format of the film: 1080p HD Video for Television / Online streaming (YouTube, Vimeo, other online & social media networks) Target Audience: Young people, academics, and general public. Various representatives from different contexts will be interviewed during the film (research, business, NGOs, education, media, politics) within the six topics to be presented: Language and text analysis, Climate and psychological impact, Ethics and emotions, Media and advertising, Economy, oil and politics, Ambiguity vs. transparency. Visual elements to be used: Need for energy (people/life style, cities, rural areas, technology, electricity, industry), Problem (emissions), Consequences (global warming, extreme weather, health), Action (conferences, policy), Solutions (science, awareness, alternative energy, community initiatives), Future scenarios (bright/bleak), Youth (opinion, action).


SAMKUL-Samfunnsutviklingens kulturell