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Seed Systems and Climate Change: Examining Agrobiodiversity Resilience in the Andes, project period: 02.01. - 31.03.2017.

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This project aims at providing insight into seed systems resilience to climate change through a case study in one of the world's centers of crop origin and diversity: the Andes. Climate change has brought new attention to the imperative of crop diversity conservation, as change in agriculture's employment of plant genetic resources is poised to emerge as a key adaptation strategy to foster continued food production under altered growing conditions. Yet, there is scarce knowledge about how climate change will affect the maintenance of diversity in farmers' fields and the functioning of existing seed systems. Insight into these dynamics is crucial for the development of effective policy interventions to aid agricultural adaptation and crop diversity conservation. The present study will address this knowledge gap by performing a case study of the seed system in a site which a) is located in the Andean center of crop diversity and 2) has experienced climatic changes during the recent past. The main method will consist of a farm survey, combining semi-structured interviews with crop diversity registrations. Comparison with a data set collected from the same farms in 2009 will allow a unique longitudinal insight into change over time in agrobiodiversity, seed provisioning and seed turn over.


NORGLOBAL-Norge - Global partner