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BEDREHELSE-Bedre helse og livskvalitet

Multidimensional interventions: nutritional directed treatments boosting the effect of standard therapy in children with conduct disorder

Tildelt: kr 75 000

MINDBOOST aims to improve the effectiveness of standard health care interventions designed for children with conduct disorders by combining them with dietary supplements interventions. Across Europe, conduct problems are the greatest challenge for the paediatric care system, affecting one in five in the paediatric population. The early onset of the disorder predicts a predisposition for later substance abuse, mental health problems and criminal behaviour with cost for the health care and education system amounting to more than 100,000 euro per individual by the age of 28. Several health care interventions have been developed for these children, but the treatment effect is still poor. A highly ignored factor is that these children are commonly exposed to a diet insufficient in key nutrients, which are important for brain growth and development. Considering the complex interaction between biological and environmental risk factors underlying the development and maintenance of the disorder, a cross disciplinary approach has been set up to develop effective treatment programs for children with conduct disorder. MINDBOOST will provide transnational research evidence on how to provide effective treatments across Europe for these children by optimising their health and social outcomes, quality of life and safety, and meeting their health and social needs. Project results are expected to impact behaviour regulation, the effectiveness of existing standard treatment and lead to substantial savings for the health care system. Ultimately, as the intervention studies are to follow the same procedure in the different participating countries across Europe, it will provide important evidence based knowledge on the effect of conduct disorder treatment across Europe.


BEDREHELSE-Bedre helse og livskvalitet