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Norwegian Journal of Geography/Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift

Tildelt: kr 47 000

The essential journal for Norwegian geographical research: encompasses physical and human geography. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift eller Norwegian Journal of Geography, published since 1926, is a continuation of Norsk Geografisk Aarbog (1889 to 1921) and is associated with the Norwegian Geographical Society. The journal reflects the many facets of geography and tries to take an all-round geographical view, both regionally and thematically, by striking an equal balance between physical and human geographical material. The journal aims at presenting geographical research directed towards problems and areas of interest to Norwegian researchers. Themes related to the geography of Norway, the Nordic countries and adjacent regions, including polar environments, are of special interest, but relevant topics dealing with other parts of the world are included. In addition, research notes, short articles, including some of special interest for teachers of geography, reviews of Norwegian doctoral theses in geography, and other book reviews are published in a separate section of the journal.



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