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Spesialist fra Kina: R & D team management based-on complex networks

Tildelt: kr 30 999

In the knowledge economy era, the existence of the enterprise team has a significant and good effect on enterprise economic growth and adapting to complex and changing competitive environment. Therefore, research and development(R&D) team, as a decisive factor of enterprise market viability and development prospects, is emphasized extensively. In the complex system theory, complex network is a network, which some or all properties are self-organization, self-similarity, attractors, small world, and scale free. It is also an effective way of describing the nonlinear relationship between entities relying on the network diagram. Therefore, this project will focus on team management based on complex network theory. After contact professors in Gjøvik University College, Norway, there are 3 professors who are very interesting in this research field. They invited me as a short visitor coming to Gjøvik University College for academic exchange and cooperation. In the short visit period, we will study together in the following important fields. Firstly, we will discuss on how to reflect the nonlinear nature of team relationship and chaos characters, which not only improves the representation of team characteristics from theoretical data, also effectively avoid the disadvantages, such as insufficient expression force and ambiguous characteristic property from conventional schemes. Secondly, we will research on how to predict turnover condition in enterprise team and its subsequent effects. That will promote the enterprise meet the needs of team?s coordination and organization from several aspects, at the same time, that can improve its cohesion, creativity and drive. Thirdly, we will study on how to solve the problems of difficult definition of team core layer and determinate candidates in the core layer. It will propose reasonable evaluation and development plan for team members, and assist leadership to efficient management for team.