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FME-Forskningssentre for miljøvenn

FME: Enabling CCUS in Norway

Tildelt: kr 0,20 mill.

The proposed project will establish a new FME to enable the full potential of carbon storage and utilization on the Norwegian continental shelf. We seek financial support to facilitate preparation of the final application for submission in November 2015. The core research topics of the planned center are CO2 storage and transport in combination with utilization of CO2 for offshore EOR purposes. The FME will specifically address knowledge gaps pertaining to planning, implementation and management of integrated field operations, including cost and risk analysis and effective public communication. In this way, the center will contribute towards value creation through effective CO2-EOR, reliable transport solutions, and safe and permanent CO2 storage. The close cooperation with user partners will ensure a pragmatic, problem-oriented approach and facilitate an efficient transfer of research results from the lab to real-life innovation along the CCS value chain. The center will also actively pursue an informed public dialogue on CCUS in Norway, a critical step towards ensuring public acceptance for full-scale national deployment of CCUS.


FME-Forskningssentre for miljøvenn