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Spesialist fra Kina: Search-based Requirement Prioritization for Product Line

Tildelt: kr 41 999




2015 - 2015

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The project focuses on search-based requirements prioritization, especially for software product line.Using search-based techniques in requirement engineering for product line, we can draw up requirements development and realization plan. Requirements prioritization taken the users? satisfaction, realizing cost and available resource into account. The project emphasizes on assessment factor of prioritization, superiority of search-based techniques, designing of fitness function. Zen-ReqOptimizer is a tool we have developed to assign requirements to different stakeholders by maximizing their familiarities to the assigned requirements and at the same time balancing the overall workload of each stakeholder. Zen-ReqOptimizer used requirements repository created by ProR/RMF as input. But the requirements have not structure any information. The project aims at using Zen-ReqOptimizer to describe software product line through integrating with domain model (e.g., in SimPL). We use SimPL as the backbone to structure requirements, decompose CPS requirements and identify requirements that need to be further refined using RUCM (Restricted Use Case Modeling Methodology, devised by Dr. Tao Yue). Then Zen-ReqOptimizer sorts functionalities. All these are prepared for requirements selection for creating a product of product line.