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IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon

The Digital and Trustworthy Evidence Ecosystem: Health IT solutions to increase value and reduce waste in health care and research

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OBJECTIVES: Our vision is to improve patient care, increase the value of research and reduce waste in research and health care by establishing a Digital and Trustworthy Evidence Ecosystem that explicitly links innovative health IT solutions and platforms for digitally structured health data with processes and key actors in the production, synthesis, dissemination and implementation of research evidence into practice. CRITICAL R&D CHALLENGES: Today these processes are part of an evidence loop, but they are in general poorly coordinated and connected. In an era where the internet has revolutionized access to digital information "anywhere anytime on every device" health IT services are lagging behind, suffering from unstructured data in platforms that do not talk to each other. This limited coordination undermines health returns investment in health care, research and health IT; in other words, it is a system with substantial waste and represents a major challenge for society. Our proposal involves a network of people closely interacting in collaborative teams using digitally structured data in a well-integrated set of technological platforms and methodological standards (e.g. GRADE). ANTICIPATED POTENTIAL USE: The Ecosystem - using innovative web-based platforms for digitally structured and shared health data (Big Data) - should function as an optimizer of the evidence-to-action chain by connecting people performing primary research and systematic reviews, creating guidelines and computerised clinical decision support systems (CCDSS) in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and people conducting quality improvement. Ultimately The Ecosystem will - through what we envision will result in a professional global service - provide added value for business, government and individuals through innovations in health IT systems and software combined with documented improvement of patient care and reduced waste of health resources


IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon