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IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon

KACP2 - Knowledge-Architecture-driven Collaboration Platforms builders and operators.

Tildelt: kr 47 449

The main outcome is agreements with one or more international platform builders, modelling tool and knowledge repository vendors. The primary objective is to find companies that are willing to become builders and operators of Knowledge-driven Collaboration Platforms and producing winning Horizon 2020 proposals. The proposals to be submitted will have research and innovation activities of TRL 4-7. One core platform for all public and industrial sectors will be built, and extended and enhanced platforms for any sector or business operation will start with this core platform. The core platform will consist of modelling, task execution, analyses and visualization tools and meta-models for design modelling of product, process, organization and workplace aspects. The platform provider and builder will accept the new business model for platforms to industrial and public project design, execution, portfolio management and knowledge elicitation and management. One proposal will be submitted to an ICT call to enable the core platform building. Another proposal will be submitted to a FOF call selected to fit the needs, including platform capabilities, of a leading industrial use-case. A third proposal may be submitted to one of the NMBP calls. The MADONE partners will be responsible for key roles, and Commitment will be the coordinator of proposal authoring. However, use-case partners are the preferred coordinators of the submitted NMBP and FOF proposals. The major results will be models for reuse across sectors and projects. The size of all three projects will be between 5 and 8 mill. EURO and the timeline will be from 30 to 36 months. The new business models for application solutions and components can be explained as follows: participants will pay for what they use and get paid for contributions used by two or more partner networks. KACP competence has been developed since 2003, mostly in the EU projects Athena and MAPPER, 2003-2008, but also in 4 industrial pilots.


IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon