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IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon

Partner Searches at ICT 2015event in Lisbon, for Oslo Medtech member companies establishing EU collaboration projects in Horizon 2020

Tildelt: kr 5 532

Human health is changing and today's technology provides greater opportunity for insight and understanding about the conditions and changes in health using on body sensors or in the environment (quantified self). This means that subjective feelings of health and wellness functionality can be translated into objective facts about how healthy and how fit one really is. On the basis of this insight, private users and healthcare can initiate various measures to prevent and treat the patient/user with the ability to provide rapid and accurate feedback on how these measures work at individual, group and community level. Games Technology and Health (gamification) make use of objective data and apply game design to create motivating and engaging applications for gameful (re)habilitation and interaction with others. Market size: It is estimated that the total games & healthcare market only in Norway will represent an annual turnover of about 500 million in 2018, which is greater than the overall gaming industry in Norway today. By combining the needs of the public sector for better health solutions with expertise in academia and the private sector in games, simulations, e-learning and robotics we will strengthen research, innovation and development capacity and interaction in the private and public sectors. Games and simulation is a future growth industry in health care, nationally and internationally. At this event Oslo Medtech will present successful projects of several of our members and sought partnerships to establish EU funded projects in H2020 framework program.


IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon