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IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon

Welcome to the Clean Tech Revolution

Tildelt: kr 20 999

Engage // Innovate will host the one-day event, "Welcome to the Clean Tech Revolution" during Impact Week, in Stavanger, Feb 23rd 2016. The event aims to bring togehter 70 -100 executives, academics and researchers at the intersection of digital, energy and new growth companies. As the fields of digizitation and energy are morphing, a new industry logic emerges. This event will dive into and explore this new logic. The event is part of the city wide "Impact Week", taking place in Stavanger. Innovation, Digital, Smart City and Energy will be key themes during the entire week. The event will showcase several companies across the value chain, including: Zaptec AS CEO Brage W. Johansen will present their work on next generation energy infrastructre, their most recent app development and how they see energy and technology merge in their biggest project to date. Otovo One of the Co-founders of Otova will share their business model and how they see energy as a part of the sharing economy, much as Uber, AirBnB, a highly disruptive force driven by IT and mobile penetration. Nordic Sustainable Ventures Founder/CEO Pål Brun will discuss how NSV sees Big Data and IoT be a core of the future energy solutions Statoil - New Energy Solutions Venture Investment Manager I. Svegården will share Statoil's new NES strategy and how they invest across "digital and energy". Engage // Innovate Co-Founder Christian Rangen will run a workshop session on "IT-driven digital business model innovation", using the energy industry as a working case study. The conference findings will be written up and finalized in a report for open distribution. The key learnings will be worked into a case study to be used for teaching digital business models at BI - Norwegian Business School in fall 2016.


IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon