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P-SAMISK-Program for samisk forskning

"Sámi skuvlahistorjádutkamis sámi oahpu ovddideapmái"- Sámi School History Conference at Sámi allaskuvla Guovdageaidnu 26.-27. October 2016

Tildelt: kr 0,25 mill.

I have been editing Finnish Sami school history in 2014. I participated together with Otso Kortegangas in Uppsala to Nordic school history conference and we held Sami paper session. There we got an idea to hold a Sami school research conference at Sami allaskuvla Kautokeino Norway on October 2016. We are about to invite key note speakers from four countries Sami people live in, two from each country. These researchers have been actively doing research about Sami school history. Sami school history has been inverstigated lately quite a lot but the research has happened in the frames of every country's own contexts. It has not been so much co-operation between the research institutes. In 2009 it was written a statement about Sami school history needs. It was updated in 2011:s (http://skuvla.info/dutkan-s.htm). It is obvious that there is need for joint processes and co-operation the different countries. We agreed in Uppsala to invite speakers from four countries. We have planned that there have to be two key note speakers from every country. From Sweden we invite professor Daniel Lundmark (Umeå universitet) and writer Kaisa Huuva from Jokkmokk, from Finland we invite Associate Professor PhD Irja Seurujärvi-Kari from University of Helsinki and researcher Ulla Aikio-Puoskari from University of Oulu. From Norway we will invite PhD Jukka Nyyssönen and researcher Kaisa Kemi Gjerpe from University of Tromsø. From Russia we will invite the Lujavri publisher group. These persons have been working long with Sami school history. It is very important to get them together to Kautokeino to further develope the research and discuss about the research field. During the research days there will be also working groups planning further joint research project that could be delivered to application process in the beginning fo 2017. We are planning to begin with a comparative study about differences and the general development lines in the Sami school history. The program is attached.


P-SAMISK-Program for samisk forskning