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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

cluster collaboration between SME`s and Industry regionally and across clusters internationally.

Tildelt: kr 29 999

As of 2016, the Eydecluster is the National Centre of Expertise (NCE) for Sustainable Process Industry, with a dedicated agenda for highlighting and exploring opportunities for a resilient and sustainable norwegian process industry. Some concrete project are identified and started: Zero Waste (from-waste-to-Product), Biocarbon (replacing coalin furnaces with biocarbon) and environmental analysis. Furthermore, the Eydecluster has establised a set of forums to adress issues of interest to all members,such as: automation, maintenance, lean, energy & resource efficiency, a.s.o. For the above listed projects SME's play a vital role as suppliers of equipment, methodology and software. The process industry members are operating in tough markets with small margins where new value chains and business opportunities within waste-to-product, biocarbon, etc. often become too costly. There are multiple reasons for this. These areas are outside core business, there may be unavailable value chains, a need for new enabling technology, etc. As most of the Eyde process industry members are part of large corporations, the thematics of interest to the regional industry is also of interest internationally. Eyde wishes to use the INNOSUP program to: learn from other clusters and develop customised SME support, introduce European SME's to the challenges of the Eyde members, scan for and introduce cross-sectoral competence. This will increase innovation and routes of success linked to regional and international opportunities. Building on the individual clusters experiences, the INNOSUP Project would aim at: (1) Providing SME support in the form of mentoring, coaching, innovation- and technical assistance vouchers (2) Connecting to otherEU Networks and sharing challenges in order to create new value chain solutions (3) Cluster facilitated demonstrators - testing new technology or new value chains to solve the challenges related to resource efficiency and environmental footprint.


PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020