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BEHANDLING-God og treffsikker diagnostikk, behandling og rehabilitering

ICI-HomeTime: Integrated Care Innovation to Improve Home Time in People with Dementia

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One of the most pressing issues in our society is the integrated care in an increasing group of elderly people with dementia. In Norway, 77000 people have dementia, approximately 42000 live at home. Main goal of ICI-HomeTime is to increase their QoL and enable them to live safely and cost-effective at home, as long as possible, or to die at home. Primary objective for the pre-project is the development of an outstanding research application, improved by feedback of our collaboration partners, to determine whether the project concept is feasible as a main project, and thus to reduce the risk for the whole study. Secondary aims of the pre-project: a. Develop knowledge-based education program for various parties (caregivers, GPs, volunteers) b. Apply for funding e.g. EPR-HomeTime development and ICT (Innovation Norway) c. Conduct qualitative interviews with people with dementia, families, GP, caregivers, volunteers d. Organize a seminar, Meet the user, for patient organizations, companies, society e. Finalize systematic review f. Develop ICI-HomeTime Pilot Study protocol The pre-project aims to prepare for a 6-month pilot study and 2-year multicenter mixed-methods, stepped wedge RCT; 21 boroughs (1 borough=1 cluster) from Bergen or neighboring boroughs with 300 home-dwelling people with different stages and diagnoses of dementia, and 25 GPs, 21 borough managers, 65 caregivers, and 2 volunteer coordinators, will be included. The intervention comprises EPR-Home and ICT, volunteers, and knowledge-based education, including palliative care. Qualitative analyses and systematic review are in preparation. Patients and families will be involved in all study phases to ensure the relevance of the research and enhance the benefit to the society. Collaboration is stablished between Univ. of Bergen, Municipality of Bergen, Haukeland Univ. Hospital, Bergen Univ. College, Dignity Centre, the Norwegian Univ. Network Elderly Medicine, WUN, COST TD1005, and patient organizations.


BEHANDLING-God og treffsikker diagnostikk, behandling og rehabilitering