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BEHANDLING-God og treffsikker diagnostikk, behandling og rehabilitering

Targeting low back pain and comorbidity in primary care - a plan for a prospective study aimed to increase treatment effects in back pain

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In the proposed pre-project we want to establish a low back pain network connecting service-users, -providers and -researchers. This network will facilitate the inclusion of a broader range of input sources into low back pain research, in turn leading to better, more relevant low back pain research. Specifically, we want to develop new treatment modalities targeting one of the most prevalent causes for disability worldwide. Low back pain , affects all age groups from adolescents to elderly and has increased from 58 million years lived with disability (YLDs) in 1990 to 83 million YLDs in 2010. Despite considerable research efforts, LBP remains a poorly understood condition and research reveals that commonly used treatments focusing biological or psychological aspects have, at best, only small effects. Several comorbidities are reported to be associated with an increased prevalence and persistence of LBP including weight, inactivity, sleep disturbance, impaired fasting glucose tolerance and serum lipid levels. Among the most compelling evidence is the association between overweight and obesity and LBP as significant associations have been found between overweight or obesity and a range of LBP outcomes. Hence, patients with LBP who are overweight or obese are likely to have more complex health needs requiring focus on lifestyle and behavioural approach to management. Given these widely reported associations between lifestyle behavioural factors / comorbidity and LBP, it is suggested that patient outcomes could be improved by targeting these as part of low back pain management.


BEHANDLING-God og treffsikker diagnostikk, behandling og rehabilitering