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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

Improving health Care models of University hospitals on responsiveness, work environment and cost-effectiveness

Tildelt: kr 54 126

The increased proportion of GDP spent on health in EU highlight the importance to have healthy working staff to obtain high-quality and cost effective health care. University hospitals are central for knowledge-based treatments, clinical trials and training and education of a country?s medical staff. Though their complex delivery of services and responsibility requires significant financial and human resources, the lack of health care model(s) that identify the best practice or any systematic structure of these organization are striking. Particularly when they aim to provide optimal delivery of services and developing human resources required for the system to work efficiently. Consideration of quality in healthcare requires examination of the different dimensions of quality or Best Practice (BP), the impact of rationing devices, professional organization and new models of healthcare delivery. The research effort on this worldwide is fragmented, with no productive coordination of expertise across Europe, nor a comprehensive synthesis of the evidence on the role of workers health and wellbeing on the relationship between organizational structure and delivery of high-quality health care services in university hospitals. The work of the Action will progress along four themes: 1. Unite dimensions of BP to enable simultaneously and interdisciplinary focus on different outcomes of BP. 2. Focus on knowledge generation to establish a comprehensive synthesis on the relationship between the organizational structure, their workforce and the delivery of high quality health care services in university hospitals. 3. Implementation of best practice by Organizational change/interventions 2) Technical innovations and 3) replication guidelines 4. Training and education. Contribute to staff exchange between organization and universities, establishing an extensive network of stakeholders in Europe, development of new knowledge and continuous research on BP in university hospitals.


PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020