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DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid

Pilot Study of Innovative Technology for Matrix Acid Stimulation

Tildelt: kr 95 666

Matrix acid stimulation may be one of the best practices in the oil and gas industry for improving well productivity and injectivity. However the stimulation team often does not have enough understanding on acid distribution among reservoir perforations. Inadequate understanding of acid distribution, injected acid may stimulate water-producing intervals and leave oil-producing intervals untreated (or poorly treated). On average, over 35% of acid stimulation jobs every year globally fail to produce optimal effect on well performance. Low oil production due to failure of stimulation jobs, create significant impact on oil economy of Norway and particularly Stavanger region (being a hub for oil and gas industry). Therefore it is of significant importance for the region to seek knowledge/ research in the area of developing innovative technology for analysis and optimization of matrix acid stimulation jobs. Petroleumsoft AS has developed prototype of innovative stimulation modelling software for analysis and optimization of matrix acid stimulations. The software assists operators to have better control on injected acid distribution among different perforations. It predicts how and where the injected acid is distributed along reservoir perforations. It assists with planning acid diversion and optimization strategy to maximize stimulation impact on well performance. The software has been developed as 3D model with rich user-interface and robust scientific precision. In the proposed project, we are aiming to do a pilot study for validation of our technology for the oil and gas industry. Recently we have done case studies for ConocoPhillips, Mærsk Oile og Gas A/S and CEPSA. We are planning to set up a project with Maersk Oil for pilot study of our technology. The proposed project will allow us to validate our technology against DTS technology and laboratory experimental results.


DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid