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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

CWEED4EuroPESH2020341 using a systems approach to IMTAS effects(Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture/Aquaponics Systems) Taremareby del 1

Tildelt: kr 20 157

A) Validation,Valorisation Standardisation (PEF/CEN/MSC/ASC) as to add value to a most versatile biomass:macroalgae seaweed derived biomassses(pre-and post processing formulation)and other wastes from seafod industries for various biobased industries herein public private partnerships for SMEs in H2020 both with regards food , feed fibre and energy.FFFE.Precission farming using to bioreactors (Hymethane)/biorefineries as a default seasonal market.As to move beyond using seaweeds for FFFE and Norway being a mere supplier and source we will explore using Omics bioinformatics, bionanotechnologies/modern gentechnologies in adding value in Norway and in Europe and contribute to the economy and as well as provide information on the pros and cons of such an efforts for subcontractors and local seafcommunities that is what is refereed to as documenting the externalities.B) Currently Collaborative testprojects: 1)MicroMacroSea for prospecting/in situ observatories for the effects on elemental NPC fluxes at sites within IMTA (fish and shells) 2)BionanoSea using modern patented bionanotechnologies in adding value to seaweed and3)scaling up pilots and monitor effects on externalities ;microbialeffect,ecoturism ecosystems services 3)Practicalities of IMTA in operation at sea inshore and possibly offshore included4)the regulatory framework forIMTA marketabest practices on ICZMPS and biomassstandards C)Establish A paneuropean sub project using metagenomics /HT re-sequencing and industrial usage Possibly part of a globale seaweed network and vault for SDG and CBD targets in climate changei.e dualpurpose closing loops by w bioprospecting seaweed farm sites and as in situ observatories building a knowledge base for scaling up where re-use of and re-connecting ecosystems services from IMTA focusing on primary production and seaweedbreedingregimens, marinemicrobes climatechanges and esp. criteria:localselection,regulatoryFW/standards4bestprctice and marketaccess.


PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020